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. Taimani Turcoman Belouch

Taimani (or Turcoman Belouch as another opinion)

~1950 - 1960
2.07 x 1.12
wool on wool base

Taimani is small Farsi/Turkic speaking tribe located in the central mountain regions of Afghanistan. They belong to a larger cluster of tribes, the Char Aimaq, who are scattered throughout Afghanistan and Iran. This nomadic group is named after Taiman, a Kakar Pushtun who built up a coalition in the mountains of Ghor around 1650.

The selvedge is more like Balouch, hence the alternate opinion on origin.

Kind of a "fish scale" pattern of interlocking directional designs.



Luri rub Luri rug

Old Luri


2.00 x 1.38 meters

Iran wool on cotton



Afghan prayer rug

Afghan Prayer rug




Afghan rug Afghan rug

An Afghan rug with a servant or djinn motif. Possibly Ersari, a Turkmen tribe related to the Seljuk.

About 120 x 90 cm wool on wool with camel hair.




Qashqai rug

A Qashqai rug with lion motifs. Lots of botehs.

1.62 x .89
wool on wool base

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