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. Kirman millefleurs Kirman millefleurs Kirman millefleurs

Kirman from the mid 1930's before the British occupation of Iran and, after the reorganization of the weaving industry and, creation of Sherkat Farsh when carpet production was nationalized.

All wool

2.12 x 1.20 meters

The design is called millefleurs, a description often used to identify and categorise rugs which display dense and detailed floral motifs.

The colors are of typical Kirman palette, ivory ground, rose pinky red, and ice pale blue.



Fachralo Kazak carpet Fachralo Kazak carpet

Fachralo Kazak from about 1910

2.37 x 1.36 meters

wool on wool

The town of Fachralo is located southwest of Tbilisi in Georgia (former Soviet territory).



Kolyai carpet Kolyai carpet Kolyai carpet

Old Kolyai


Iran, wool on cotton base



Adebeh carpet Adebeh carpet

This is an Adebeh carpet with a set of repeating vases. The design is called Zeli Soltan (Zelsoltan)

2.6 x 1.55 m




Nain carpet Nain carpet Nain carpet

Iranian fine Nain

1970s - 1980s
2.05 x 1.32 m
Wool on cotton base with silk hightlights

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