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. jumu chinese square stool

Jumu stool from late Qing

shanxi stools

Pair of Mid 19th century Ju Mu (elm wood) stools from Shanxi China. The photo is taken before restoration.

The seat pane lis a solid piece of wood set into finely carved legs.


Qing lacquered painting table

Lacquered jumu painting table composed of a flush floating panel. There are vertical aprons on all sides pracing the four corner legs. Hoof feet on the bottoim and a drawer set into the apron. I think original metal work drawer pull.

Shanxi province from the Jiaqing period between 1796 - 1820.


Ironwood windows Ironwood windows Ironwood windows

Ironwood windows



Chinese antique Canton glass windows Chinese antique Canton glass windows

Chinese windows from Canton. The design has an Art Deco feel to it so dating this to the 1920's or so.Original glass (except in two small panes where there is replacement). Each of the centre circles enclose a blue glass depiction of archaic bronze tripod vessels. There are plum blossom designs in the other glass areas. Lacquered brown on both sides, this might have been used as a room divider screen as evidenced by the notches in the outer wood frame.

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