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. Chinese antique lantern stands

Pair of antique Chinese lantern stands.

Lacquered jumu

Late 1800's


antique Chinese jumu money safe

Money safe from Shanghai area. It is heavy if not exactly a deterent to modern thieves. Picked it up from a private collector. Probably about late 1800's Ju Mu wood.


Kesi four panel screen Kesi four panel screen Kesi four panel screen

Four panel silk screen - Kesi with old god-story motif. More later as I interpret the story. The silk is encased in glass. The wood is carved and painted.

This is from the very late 1800's to early 1900's Republic era. The silk is in excellent condition.

More and better photos later.


Chinese half round lacquer table qing

Lacquered half round table from Shanghai area

1800's jumu.


qing scholar shelves qing scholar shelves

Scholars shelves

Jumu with lacquered shelving.

I date it about mid qing.

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