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. Fuzhou black lacquer Chinese antique cabinet Fuzhou black lacquer Chinese antique cabinet

Chinese COMPOUND CABINET of black lacquer cedar & pine woods lower cabinet scene is an idyllic rural scene of limestone mountains lake stream amid which are
built villas pagodas bridges where several figures go about daily activity.
The upper cabinet illustrates terraced gardens of a villa upon which court figures give thanks, perhaps for imperial favour, beneath the benevolent observation of deity Wang Mu with attendants aloft in cloud; the base cabinet has floral
illustration to each of the three front fields; within each upper cabinet on a red lacquer ground is polychrome floral-avian illustration to the oblong fielded inner panel to each door, Doors are held in with bronz pin hinges.

The origin of this Compound Cabinet is Chaozhou (some suggest south Fujian) from the 19th century. Dimensions circa -
Width 28.1/4 Depth 16 Height stacked 74.1/4 (28 + 28 + 18.1/4) inches.


Qing jumu cabinet

Jumu round corner tapered cabinet. The inside of the doors are lacquered black. Beautiful wood grain. The metal work is recent.

Qing Tongzhi, middle 1800's. This came from Suzhou in Jiangsu.


early qing jumu cabinet early qing jumu cabinet early qing jumu cabinet early qing jumu cabinet early qing jumu cabinet

Classic small cabinet with square legs. Probably jumu wood. Two shelves within. The bottom shelf has two small squarish holes but, I am not sure what they were for or, if there was a drawer on the bottom.

Early Qing

Note the thick lacquer on the inside of the door in the last photo. Metal fixtures are not the original.


Chinese blackwood marble presentation chair Chinese blackwood marble presentation chair Chinese blackwood marble presentation chairChinese blackwood marble presentation chair

Blackwood and marble meditation chair with marble inset in three parts. Four corner cabriole legs and hoofed feet braced by low hump stretchers in trapezoidal form. Flat floating panel seat. There is a bottom chair stand (which was custom made recently) on which the chair rests.

Chairs of this type were made around Shanghai This one is late 1800's.


iron wood ming chairs iron wood ming chairs ironwood ming chairs ironwood ming chairs

Ironwood Chairs - Estimate is late Ming or early Qing dynasty.

This is a pair of nice solid iron wood (tieli mu) chairs.

The heights are about 90 cm. Width 55 cm. Depth 46 cm.

I replaced the mats using one of the last oldtime restorers in Hong Kong.

Provenance - 1994 auction from the famous China Guardian Auction House in China. They are in excellent condition. Just the right amount of wear, especially the foot rest (a very important indicator of age).

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