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. Zitan bitong

Zitan Bitong

17.5 cm high and 18 cm diameter

19th century or earlier


small blackwood scroll stand

Small hardwood scroll stand.

19th Century.

18 cm x 34 cm x 2.5 cm


huang hua li tray huanghuali tray

Huanghuali scholars tray

18th century.

21 cm x 35 cm x 2.5 cm


chanab chanab chanab

This is a Peranakan or Straits Chinese hexagognal chanab (and cover). This was an ancestor offering tray from the 19th century.

Some dealers have described this as chinoiserie, a term that describes a European fantasy design that incorporate generic Asian motifs in a western perception of Asia. This is most certainly not. Chanabs were used by Chinese families as offering recepticles for important rituals. They were usually found on the family alter (sam kai).

Many were made in Southern China for the Straits Chinese market.

This is black lacquer over pine or similar wood.

34 (L)x 24 (H) x 13 (W)


chanab chanab

This box is a rectangular Hokkien style chanab. Also black lacquered with gold painting.

19th century.

34 (L)x 17 (H) x 10 (W)

(I do have another rectangular Hokkien chanab for sale. If there is interest, I can send photographs).

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