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Some items for sale are located in Hong Kong, and some are located in the USA. Please note my comments under each description.


wood statue wood statue wood statue

This is a carving of a god or demi-god yet to be determined.


wood Guan Yin statue wood Guan Yin statue

This is a camphor wood Guan Yin statue from Fujian. Qing dynasty 18th century? Beautifully carved.


Mother-of-pearl (MOP) inlaid stand. Blackwood.

19th century


Chinese wood carving Chinese wood carving Chinese wood carving Chinese wood carving

This carving appears to be an architectural support for a light structure of some sort.


Huanghuali bitong Huanghuali bitong

Huanghuali Bitong

17.5 cm high and 18 cm diameter

19th century or earlier

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