About me......

I am an engineer by training. I live in Hong Kong but, travel quite often for my business. I speak decent Mandarin Chinese and a bit of Thai. I have collected the furniture and lacquer since the 1980's. I bought and traded from peoples' homes, markets, and reputable antique shops.

And finally, why chose "Red Trilobite" as the name of my site? The first things I collected as a child were fossil trilobites. But, there are no fossils here.

I realize that this site is not the prettiest. But, my purpose is to communicate and maybe sell or trade some of what I have. My collection is organic, always changing but, I have limited space. I am interested in corresponding with other collectors. My e-mail is printed below. Most of what I have is available for trade or sale.

If you are interested in buying or trading, or you want to discuss or enlighten me on any of my collection, please contact me at: