This is the stuff of an incurable collector... Always updating and refining... so, please keep coming back as I learn and post.


I am an incurable collector of things. I've always been this way. Won't change. But, sometimes one collects too much. So, this site to to help me sell, trade, and show what I have so that I can get new stuff.

Chinese Windows Hsun Ok Chinese Altar Table Ironwood chairs Antique Chinese sign


The purpose of this site is to sell and trade interesting collections with fellow collectors.

This site is my way of sharing images of beautiful everyday useful items that were created to be admired, as well as used.

I prefer to collect things that have not been extensively repaired, repainted, or over-polished. Polish and extensive repairs make it very difficult to authenticate something.

Except when indicated, the items on this site are original and without major repair. I am always in the process of designing and adding commentary to the site so, comment if you wish.

If you want to post your own items, please contact me. If it fits the criteria, I will post the photo with a description and will help you sell it. Some of the items listed here are not mine.

The items in this site include:

Antique Chinese furniture and architectual elements - Ming, Qing, Republican.

Old Southeast Asian lacquer wares and crafts.

Unusual perfume and cosmetic packaging and a neat collection of original perfume production models.

Unusual Carpets and Rugs.

Vintage and collectible things that I have collected and accumulated through the years. Items for sale that allow me to buy other items.

And... things for sale. I have interesting items and, if decide to sell them, they will be in the "Items for Sale" section under the link Other Neat Collectible Items.